Serge A.Yagunov -- Mathematics page

Serge A.Yagunov --- Mathematics Page

Research Articles
 •  Motivic Steenrod operations and Characteristic classes  •  Rigidity  •  Poincare Duality for Algebraic Varieties  •  Cohomology of Linear Groups  •  Bloch groups  •  Friedlander-Milnor conjecture  •  Suslin's bi-Grassmannian conjecture.
Course Notes
 •  Some notes of recently given courses  •  Video records
 •  Some conference information  •  Conference webpages  •  Pictures.
Math references and webpages
 •  Useful Math related web-sites.
Math misc (page is in Russian)
 •  " Mathematician's miscellany " (c) Littlewood.  •  Texts and problems related mostly to the recreational Math  •  Some high-school level stuff.